Kidney Stones

If you are suffering from kidney stones, call us!  We will do our best to work you in on the same day!


Dr. Chapman has extensive expertise in the management and treatment of kidney stones.


First and foremost, Dr. Chapman believes that prevention is the best way to deal with kidney stones.  There are medications and dietary strategies that can help prevent kidney stones.  Dr. Chapman assesses each of his patients to determine if these will be helpful.


Many patients have stones that will be able to pass without surgical intervention.  For these patients, Dr. Chapman provides supportive care with medications to help the stone pass and to provide pain control.


Should a patient have a stone that requires intervention, Dr. Chapman has expertise in the breaking of stones using sound waves (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy, or ESWL for short).  He has the most advanced lithotriptor made, a Dornier Delta III.  ESWL works for the majority of stones, and is completely non-invasive.  Most patients walk out of surgery feeling that hardly anything was done, but now the stone is gone!


For the few stones for which ESWL is not an option, Dr. Chapman has significant expertise in the use of lasers to get rid of kidney stones.


Dr. Chapman understands the significant pain and discomfort that kidney stones cause.  If you are having trouble with stones, call us!  We will help you!

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