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Pearland Urology is an adult Urology practice specializing in the No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy.


Dr. Chapman is one of the highest volume vasectomy doctors in the country!  He performed over 1200 vasectomies in 2023 alone. 


Because Pearland Urology specializes in one procedure only, we are efficient at scheduling.  At most times, we are able to schedule your consultation within a week and your procedure within 2 weeks.

Why Only Vasectomies?

In Dr. Chapman's words:


"I get asked that a lot.  The answer is:  I didn't choose vasectomies.  Vasectomies chose me.


What I mean by that is:  years and years ago, I got really good at vasectomies.  Word got out that I was a doctor that could do a painless vasectomy, so more and more people kept coming to me for that procedure.  Then their friends would come to me.  It was like a positive feedback loop, where the more vasectomies I did, the more people would come to me for vasectomies.  At some point, my schedule was filled up with vasectomies, so I decided to make that my priority.


Another question I get asked is 'why doesn't every doctor do vasectomies this same way?'  I believe the answer to that goes back to my experience getting a vasectomy over 15 years ago:


When I graduated from my Urology residency in 2007, I knew how to do a vasectomy, but I wasn't really any good at it.  It takes practice.  I tried my best to make the procedure as painless as possible, but it always seemed to hurt a little bit.  Since I was trying my best, I figured that vasectomies just hurt a little bit and that was how it was going to be.  I went along that way for a couple of years.


Then I had my vasectomy.  I had my partner do it (I had partners when I was in practice in Fort Worth).  He was an older surgeon who was very talented and I respected a lot.  He's the one that taught me how to do a no-clip vasectomy.  So I had him do it to me one day.


I'll never forget the experience.  The first side he did, it hurt.  I said 'ouch!'  He just kept going.  It didn't hurt that long, maybe only 5 - 10 seconds or so, but it was pretty painful.  I thought to myself 'well, vasectomies hurt a little bit.'  Then he did the other side.  And it didn't hurt at all.  Nothing.  I didn't feel a thing.


At that moment I thought to myself two things:  1) he should have numbed me up better on the first side.  2) I need to get better at vasectomies.  Because if you can make one side not hurt, you can make both sides not hurt.  Seriously!  This is really what I was thinking while I was laying on the table!


So I spent the next few years really working on and studying my technique for vasectomies.  I got it down to where the only thing my patients would feel would be when I gave them the numbing shot.  I couldn't do anything about them feeling that needle going in.


Then I found the needleless injector.  Now, my patients only feel a little snap, if they even feel anything, when I numb them up.  Since I had already spent years working on my technique to make it perfect and painless, that was the last bit I needed to really be able to do a painless vasectomy.


So I guess the answer to the question of 'why doesn't every doctor do it this way' is 'they didn't have the experience I did when I had my vasectomy.  They didn't spend years trying to perfect their technique and make it painless.  I guess they still think that vasectomies are just going to hurt a little bit and that's it.'


It's funny how things work out.  I've ended up specializing in vasectomies purely because a number of years ago, my old partner hurt me on one side and didn't on the other when he did my vasectomy."

About Dr. Chapman


  • Undergraduate - The University of Pennsylvania (B.A. in Biology), Summa Cum Laude
  • Medical School - Baylor College of Medicine
  • General Surgery Residency - Baylor University Medical Center
  • Urology Residency - The Ohio State University Medical Center

Board Certification

  • American Board of Urology

Special Interests

  • Dr. Chapman is an avid woodworker and barbequer. 

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